Out of the Office! Moving!

Hello Followers,

    Yep you read the header right. I'm moving me and the family. Where too? Well my husband got a job in San Francisco, CA. Ya a big big city. I'm not a city girl (born and raised on a farm), but it looks like I'll have to adjust. 

   I will post when I can and do any obligations I have set up for the rest of April and March. I'm not sure what my internet options will be since we still don't have a place to live. I'll be busy packing, moving, looking for a home, so it's going to be a busy time.

    I plan to be back in full force once we get settled. Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate each and every follower.


Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures) 

Photos by Jerry Downs

 P.S. Enjoy the Spring weather wherever you are. 


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    1. Thanks! I hope it goes well. I'm driving with a dog and a 2-year-old. It's going to be a long trip out west. I'm looking forward to the 80 degree weather my husband has been telling me they are having out their. ^_^

      Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures


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