Mini Reviews: Lone Wolf (Shifters Unbound, #4.6) by Jennifer Ashley / He Ain't Lion (Ridgeville, #1) by Celia Kyle

Mini Review: Lone Wolf / He Ain't Lion

Lone Wolf (Shifter Unbound, #4.6)
Parnormal Romance - Shapeshifters

Ellison Rowe, a Lupine Shifter, makes it his goal to protect Maria, once held captive by ferals, from male Shifters looking for mates. He likes Maria's resilience and fire, but she's been broken, and Ellison wants more than anything to heal her. When a new danger threatens Shiftertown's cubs, Maria partners with Ellison to stop a cold-blooded criminal.  (Goodreads)

My Review:
~ 4 Lone Wolf Stars ~

It was nice to read Ellison's story. I really enjoyed him in the earlier books and was happy to finally see him get his heart mate. I liked the relationship between Mara and Ellison. It was not rushed and not the insta-love you seam to get in some novella's. 

If you have not read the other novella's or books in Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series I recommend you read them. 
Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures) Rating and Review

Shifters Unbound series on Goodreads!
All About Shifters Jennifer Ashley's Site

He Ain't Lion (Ridgeville, #1)
Parnormal Romance - Erotica 
18+ Adult

Life sucks… And then you get turned into a were-lion…

Curvaceous, blonde bombshell Maya Josephs is looking for a little action to take her mind off of her recent break-up. Crazy were-cats or not, an evening at Genesis is exactly what she needs. And when she meets the hotter than hot, super-sexy owner, Alex O’Connell, the alpha lion shifter is just the man to fit the bill for a one-night stand.

Dumped like a rotting piece of meat by her ex, Maya is on the prowl, fixin' to do whatever it takes to get herself a piece of the gorgeous fur-ball. Besides, what’s the harm in a girl having a little bit of fun? (Goodreads)

My Review:
~ 4 Lion Stars ~ 

I got this one free off Amazon. He Ain’t Lion is book one in the Ridgeville series by Celia Kyle.

I enjoyed this short erotica. It’s a Quick, Fun, HOT hilarious read! It was sexy and silly. There was rude language, WereLions, tons of sex and one sassy plus-sized woman. Not a lot of romance, so if your looking for substance and romance this is probably not for you. But if you need an amusing and unique read to get you through an evening, pick this one up!

 Jennifer Ashley
Goodreads / Website 

Celia Kyle

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  1. I just recently discovered this series when an ARC of Wild Wolf landed on my doorstep, and now I'm addicted. Hopefully I'll be able to get to this novella soon; great review!

    1. Oh you are lucky to get an ARC of Wild Wolf. I can't wait for it come out. The novella's in the series are my favorites, but I do enjoy the full length books. I hope you enjoy the series. I do! ^_^

  2. Wild Wolf is excellent so far Angel! You're gonna love it! Good to hear about Kyle! I picked that one up as well when it was a freebie. Love a kitty shifter. I'll have to give that a read soon :) Sexy and silly is always a fun combo :)

    1. Kyle is a good destruction coming of a heavy read. I'm excited for Wild Wolf. You girls are lucky to get it early. ^_^


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