Quote-Tastic Monday #4 ~ Dark Wolf

Quote-Tastic Monday ~ Dark Wolf

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I recently read Dark Wolf (Dark #25) by Christine Feehan. I really enjoy this series and am thrilled with the new direction she has taken in her Dark series. Dark Wolf is about Skyler and Dimitri. Skyler was barely a teen when she meet Dimitri, so this story has been a long time coming.

 "The official looked at her again and studied her papers closely. "He died of a broken heart?"
There was skepticism in his voice.
   Skyler nearly choked. "When I get my hands on you, Josef, you're going to die of more than a broken heart.” - Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

    "There is uncertainty of the future.
    Skyler laughed softly, sharing her amusement with him. The leaf still continued on its journey, its brief dance only delaying the inevitable—as Dimitri was simply delaying the inevitable.
    The future is always uncertain, my love. Especially now. I want this, Dimitri, now before whatever happens tonight, whether we succeed or not. I will follow you wherever you go. We cannot be undone. Please make me yours. She meant every single word. She was certain. Absolutely certain that this was the right thing for her—for him. And if they were killed in this rescue attempt, their souls would be bound." - Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

    “He took possession of that perfect mouth, so warm and soft and inviting. His fist bunched in the thick silky strands of her hair, anchoring her to him, his first aggressive, controlling move, his first demand. He waited a heartbeat, giving her the chance to pull away, but she remained motionless, a small bird with fluttering heart, holding still, waiting. 
     His mouth coaxed hers to open for him, more of a claim then he’d ever made on her before, more insistent. He counted his heartbeats this time, afraid she’d panic and pull away, but her trust in him overcame any fears she had and she opened her mouth to him. He took control, sweeping inside to claim her as a woman, a lover." - Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

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  1. I liked Dimitri from the start, he's cool :D

    1. Hi Alina, I agree Dimitri is pretty cool. I liked him as well.

  2. Hmm I haven't read this one but I have several from Feehan and I like her writing i'll have to add this one to the tbr.

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam

  3. I have this on my TBR shelf, so I didn't read anything, but I am sure they are all great!


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